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Residential Mr Steam Bath / Mr Steam Unit Room Features

Mr Steam Bath Installation BasicsAt Steamsaun we provide you with virtually everything you need to easily install, accessorize, and maintain your residential or commercial steam shower unit. For over 25 years our only business has been to provide our customers with high quality products and services for steam showers and saunas. We not only sell enclosures, but we also help provide service for units already in place all while assisting customers with our vast and extensive knowledge about the products we make available. Bathing in the misty blasts of warm air that are generated by the steam shower units that we sell is incredibly rejuvenating, and we want to do everything in our power to ensure that you enjoy all the benefits that such an experience offers. For Steam Baths Steam Showers Steam Rooms we are the definite experts, have the confidence of dealing with a company that has been close to twenty years in the Steam and Sauna business.

In very many respects bathing with a steam shower has become very popular. The traditional bathing experience of simply standing in wafts of steam for some time has changed to become more dynamic. New technologies and new ways of thinking have allowed for many products to be adapted to make using steam showers more relaxing and pleasurable. Various lighting fixtures can be incorporated into nearly all of the units for steam showers we have available to achieve a soothing ambience. Meanwhile water and heat proof speakers and can be added or are included to the shower to further create a relaxing atmosphere. Fog free mirrors, comfortable seats and benches, and aromatic oils are also all available to help make bathing in a steam enclosure something to enjoy and look forward to.

  We invite you to download the MrSteam Product Brochure. It is an elegant and helpful new tool for introducing you to steam.

Any shower, tub, or enclosure can be your personal steamroom. Choose from:

Mr Steam


Total stainless steel construction inside and out . . . for performance and dependability


Mr Steam Bath Shower Controls

Tempo™ In-Shower Controls
Beautifully designed in-shower controls in a variety of upscale, stylish preferred finishes with LED indicators for on/off, controlled temperature or programmable time and temperature memory.  Tempo Plus Shown.



AromaSteam Steamhead

Mr Steam Bath Shower Steamhead

The AromaSteam™ steamhead provides a quieter, calming steambath, balancing the distribution of steam and oil essence during steambathing. Just add eucalyptus, lavender or any of our AromaSteam oils for an unequaled aromatherapy experience. AromaSteam is available in designer finishes that match our controls and your decor.



Mr Steam Bath Shower Autoflush

The Autoflush drains water after each use, providing CleanSteam... Every Time® by introducing fresh water prior to using your MrSteam. A time delay allows the water to cool down (about two hours) before the stainless steel tank is flushed and remains empty until it is used again resulting in a safe and gentle operation. While all MS steam generators are equipped with a manual drain valve that you can use to flush the system, the Autoflush is a good option especially for areas that have hard water, are on a well system, or for those of us who want a hands free maintenance system.

Unitized Stainless Steel reservoir
Industrial, large diameter, serviceable heating element
Modular "snap-in" connections
Electronic water-level control system
Full-port drain valve
Limited lifetime steam generator parts warranty

Safety Features

Built-in, low-voltage 24-volt control
60-minute electronic countdown with 75-minute limiting safety back-up
ASME safety valve


The Steam and Sauna Connection features Mr.Steam, Steam Baths and Saunas, Steam baths and Saunas and Mr.Sauna steam baths, steam showers, generators and steam room units.  For that added touch, we have aroma steam and aromatherapy oils for your steambath or steam showers,
home sauna room or home spa.